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Transportation Research Internship Program (TRIP)

The main goal of the program is to provide undergraduates an exciting opportunity to learn about transportation engineering and to participate in cutting-edge research projects along with faculty and graduate students at the CMS and the Transportation Research Center (TRC).

The experience is valuable for students interested in pursuing advanced studies and/or a career in the field of transportation engineering. Students from other discipline areas such as mathematics and urban planning, including other engineering majors (industrial and systems engineering, computer science engineering, environmental engineering, materials engineering, mechanical engineering) are welcomed to apply as the skills gained in these areas play an important role in transportation.

The paid internship runs from May to August of each year, and students are expected to work 20-30 hours per week. Interns will contribute extensively to one or more of the on-going projects. These projects are in a variety of areas such as traffic operations, highway capacity and quality of service, safety, travel modeling, network optimization and transportation systems planning. These projects are funded by several state and federal entities such as FDOT, NSF, and NCHRP. Each intern will be supervised by a faculty advisor and will be expected to work in close collaboration with master's and doctoral students in the UF Transportation Engineering Program.

The 2012 application is now available!.

TRIP 2012 Application

Acrobat Document(download)

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