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Distinguished Lecturer - ABSTRACT

Jana Lynott, AICP, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor
Transportation & Livable Communities
Public Policy Institute
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

Title: Livable Communities for All Ages: Balancing Needs through the Design of the Road Environment

In the next 20 years the United States will see an 80 percent increase in the population age 65 and older - demographic change so profound that every profession in America will be affected.

Older adults have a strong preference to age in place. To do this successfully, the community environment must accommodate their changing needs and desires. In her presentation, Ms. Lynott will talk about concrete actions that policy makers, planners, engineers and citizens can do to prepare their communities for an aging America. To provide a foundation for understanding, she will offer interesting demographic and travel pattern data.

The focus of the presentation and participant discussion will be on the design of the road environment. There is increasing emphasis in the planning and engineering fields to design streets for all users. Nearly 200 communities across the country have embraced this concept through adoption of Complete Streets laws, resolutions, and policies. What are Complete Streets, and can they address the needs of older road users? Can the needs of older drivers be balanced with those of other road users; namely, pedestrians of all ages and abilities? How can the needs of older road users be met in the suburban environments where the majority of older adults are aging in place? What role does each discipline (planning, engineering and occupational therapy) have in ensuring the community environment is ripe for successful aging? What can we learn from each other? How do we collaborate for effective planning, design, and service delivery?







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